“No.” Scorp shakes his head. “I will not.”

All right, so maybe playing Truth or Dare isn’t the most exciting thing to do on a Saturday night, but what do you expect? It’s not like we can nip down to the Hog’s Head for a pint or two. Which is rubbish, if you ask me, since we’re all of age now.

“Come on, Scorp,” I say. “You chose to take the dare, so you have to take it.” Besides that, I like seeing him in nothing but his boxers. Not that I’d ever say that, but… And I can’t quite work out why he’s being so shy about the whole thing. “It’s not like we’re asking you to get naked.”

“I’d have preferred it.” He crosses his arms over his chest and almost pouts.

The girls in the circle seem to think that would be a fantastic idea as well. Can’t blame them really. Scorp’s fit as hell. He’s thin, but not skinny. And he’s got definition. Oh, and he looks like he could bend a dozen directions, and that’s fine by me. I could think of a few directions I’d like to bend him in. Not that I’d ever say that. He is my best mate, after all, and why ruin a good thing?

Here’s the thing about me and Scorp. He’s Draco Malfoy’s kid, but I’m sure you know that. Everyone does, and for our first year here, loads of kids took the piss. Blah, blah, Death Eater, blah. Some things aren’t forgotten, even by those who weren’t around to remember them in the first place. What his dad did however many years ago has no bearing on the present. Anyway, long story short, we became friends and the teasing stopped. I suppose that’s one of the benefits of befriending Harry Potter’s son. Like I said, some things aren’t forgotten.

“I’ll vanish your robes,” I say, hoping to get him moving. His eyes go wide and he shakes his head furiously. “What’s the big deal?”

“The ‘big deal’ is that I don’t want to do it.” He’s a stubborn shit sometimes. And I love him. Not that I’d ever say that, either. “End of story.”

“Then you shouldn’t have to,” Callie pipes up. She’s got her eye on Scorp, and I as much as I hate her for it, I would have thought she’d be my ally in getting him to strip off. “Give him another dare.” I should kick myself in the shin the next time I even consider inviting the Hufflepuffs. And I know she’s secretly hoping I’ll dare him to kiss her.

“Fine.” Maybe I will. “Since Scorpius is too much of a chicken shit to take his robes off, I dare him to kiss Calliope Wilcox.”

“Who?” he asks, and I have to make an effort to keep from laughing. Callie looks heartbroken.

“Me,” she says quietly. All right, yeah, she’s cute. Not pretty or beautiful, but cute. And it’s not like I dared him to kiss that harpy Livonia Cross. If I weren’t queer already, one kiss from her and I would be. Now that I think on it, maybe I should have chosen her over Callie.

In all the years Scorp and I have been mates, I’ve never seen him kiss a girl. Or anyone, really. This should be interesting. He quickly crawls across the circle to where poor, flustered Callie is sitting and pecks her on the lips. That’s it. It lasts all of two seconds, and then he’s back sitting next to me.

“That wasn’t a kiss,” I tell him, and everyone but he and Callie laugh. He’s gone a bit pink, and she looks like she wants the floor to swallow her whole. I’m pretty sure her Scorp-fancying days have just come to a sudden end.

“It’s my turn now,” Scorp says, glancing about for a victim. “And since you-” he glares over at me “-think it’s perfectly fine to sit around in your underpants in a room full of people, I think you should have to do it.”

“But I haven’t chosen Dare,” I remind him. “And we’ve seen each other in our shorts loads of times, anyway, so I don’t know what the issue is.”

“Then do it.”

Well, there’s nothing else for it is there? I unfasten my robes and pull them off over my head. Merlin, but it’s cold in here. I can feel my bullocks making a hasty retreat as the dungeon air seeps through the thin cloth of my boxers. I make a show of casting a warming charm on my pants, much to the amusement of my friends. “Not so bad, really.” Scorp snorts and crosses his arms over his chest, making himself look about four years old. Have I told you that I’m in love with him? He’s just so damned cute. Not that I’d ever say that, of course.

It’s my turn again, and I don’t know who to choose. As much as I want to dare Scorp to strip naked since he seemed so willing to do just that, the game won’t be any fun of he and I just go back and forth revenge-daring each other. There’s Callie, but I’ve had my fun with her. And Daffyd, but he’s a pansy and always chooses Truth. Ah, well. Daffyd it is. He’ll be good for a laugh.

“Do you think,” I pause dramatically, “that I’m a sexy beast?” Everyone laughs, and poor Daffyd flushes. “Well?”

“I, er, I, well, I-” Would someone get this kid a drink?

“Answer the question, Jones. Is Al a sexy beast or not?” Scorp’s trying his best to sound serious, but he’s as red as Daffyd from holding back his laughter. At least he isn’t glaring at me anymore.

“He’s, er,” Daffyd stammers. “Yes. Al’s a sexy beast.”

The next few dares are infuriatingly tame, and I once again cross the Hufflepoofs off my mental list. Even the Ravenclaws are rolling their eyes. So, when my name is called, and I choose Dare, I’m not expecting anything major.

“Take ‘em off,” says Rose, pointing to my boxers. Leave it to my own cousin to try and bring about my public humiliation. How she wound up in Gryffindor is beyond me. She’s downright Slytherin at times. What she doesn’t know, and thank Merlin, because that would be fucking weird, is that I’m packing. Yes, I said it. Little Al isn’t so little, even in the chill of the dungeons.

“Music, please,” I say, and someone starts a cheesy strip-club beat. A few of my friends are whistling and cat-calling, and I slowly lower my boxers.

“Holy shit,” Daffyd says, surprising everyone. He’s staring at my prick. So is everyone else, actually. Well, everyone except Scorp, and he’s making an effort not to look. It’s not like he hasn’t seen it before, I mean we have changed clothes in the same room. Maybe it’s a best mate thing, though if I were given a chance to freely ogle his bits, I can’t say that I’d pass it up. I’ve seen his cock, yeah, but to be able to openly stare? That’d be nice. Not that I’d ever say that, especially to him. That would go over like a brick shithouse.

“Am I meant to sit the rest of the game like this?” I ask, all innocence. “Or can I pull them back up?”

“Back up,” Scorp mutters, still looking straight at the wall. So I do, and put my robes back on as well. Underwear time is over; sorry, girls. It’s bloody cold down here, even with a fire going.

This seems to be the end of the game, as the Ravenclaws and Rose have decided that they have studying yet to do, and it’s getting a bit late. I have to get back to Gryffindor myself, because all this thinking about my cock, Scorp, and my cock in Scorp has put me in a certain mood. And before you ask, yes, I’m going to have a quick little wank before I go to sleep. Please, it’s not like you never do it. Unless you’re a Hufflepuff.

There’s still the small matter of Scorp and his boxers. I feel cheated. And if I’m going to my dorm to rub one out, I may as well have a nice visual aide. When his back is turned, I point my wand. “Levicorpus!”

Scorp is screaming blue murder, and I’m pretty sure there are some words coming out of his mouth that I’ve never heard before. I’m laughing so hard that it takes me a moment to realise he’s wearing my boxers. My tartan boxers that went missing when I stayed at the manor over the summer. Well, this is an interesting development, to say the least.

He wants to say something when I let him down, I know he does, but he’s too hacked off and embarrassed. His face is red from hanging upside down, and he’s glaring daggers at me and anyone else who’d dared to laugh. What he doesn’t realise is that I’m turned on as hell right now, and if there weren’t fifteen other people in the room, he’d be on the couch and under me before you could say ‘raving homosexual’.

“Leave us alone for a minute?” I ask, and within a moment or two, the common room is empty. It’s more Scorp’s temper than respect for me that has everyone fleeing, but whatever gets the job done. “You’re wearing my underwear.” It’s not a question. He knows I recognised them.

“It’s not as creepy as it seems,” Scorp starts to explain, but I hold my hand up.

“It’s not creepy. It’s fucking hot.” What else can I say? His dick in my pants? Yes, please. Though I’d rather have it in my mouth.

“That’s not exactly what I was expecting you to say.”

I wonder if he’s wanked in them. Merlin knows I would have if our situations were reversed. The thought of him coming in my boxers is making me so hard, I can’t stand it. Of course, I’d never say that. Or I wouldn’t have twenty minutes ago. Now I’m not so sure.

“Have you wanked in them?” Chalk it up to that famous Gryffindor bravery. He doesn’t answer, but the look on his face tells me what I want to know. “Fuck, Scorp.”

“I suppose you’d like them back.”

“Not really.” He looks affronted. “Not because you’ve been, er, wearing them, but because I’d like you to keep wearing them.” And keep coming in them. And let me watch. And lick your fingers clean. And bend you over so I can… enough of all that. Less talk, more action. “I like the thought of my pants being so close to your arse. And other various parts of you that I’d like to do lovely things to, like suck.”

“So, what you’re telling me is-”

“I want to put my head up your robes, yes.”

He moves closer to me, now that he knows, and kisses me. His tongue is in my mouth, and it’s doing beautiful things to my tongue. Bloody hell, he’s good. “Didn’t know you were bent,” he says, pulling away.

“Likewise.” I’d like to say more, but my mouth doesn’t want to be used for talking.

So, this is the cliché moment when two best mates realise they’ve been secretly head-over-heels for each other. I’ve sort of wondered what it would be like, but I never deluded myself into thinking it would ever happen. Huh. Fancy that. And you know what? I feel sort of giddy.

“Was that a good enough kiss, or do I have to do it again?” He’s all evil smiles now.

“I dare you,” I say. “I dare you to kiss Albus Potter.”

He does, and it’s brilliant. I could keep this up for ages, but there are more pressing matters. Like the way his hard-on is pressing against mine. Call me crude, but I want to fuck the living hell out of him. And yes, have a nice cuddle afterwards. What? I’m in love, what can I say?

There is, of course, the fact that I’ve never had that kind of sex before. I had a girlfriend last year, and we fooled around plenty, but that was… well, it just was. Let’s suffice it to say that any doubts I may have had about where I’d like to stick my prick were forever erased.

Scorp’s decided we’ve been vertical far too long, and has started guiding me over to the couch. I’m sure he thinks he’s being subtle about it, but I know how his mind works. “I like the way it feels,” he says, between kisses. “Having something hard in me.” I’m jealous. He’s done this before. I pull back and look at him, knowing he can read my expression. “No,” he adds, before pushing me down onto the couch and settling into my lap. He grinds against my cock, and it feels so good. “Not with anyone. Just, you know, things.”

My very best mate in all the world likes putting things up his arse. And his very best mate in all the world is over the moon at the prospect of putting his thing up an arse, namely the aforementioned arse. How’s that for a happy coincidence? “Fuck, Scorp.”

“Yeah, that’s sort of what I was thinking.”

“You should know, before I, er, ‘fuck Scorp’, that I am insanely in love with you. I mean, we’re talking love of epic Hufflepuffian proportions.” Where the hell did that come from? I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to save the heartfelt declarations for the post-shagging stupor so if they come back to haunt you later, you can plead insanity.

“So I suppose that means that this isn’t a one-off, and we won’t pretend tomorrow that it didn’t happen?” For once I can’t tell if he’s serious or if he’s taking the piss. I must say I’m a bit worried.

“If you don’t want-” I can’t finish, because he’s kissing me. Good. That means he was taking the piss. He loves me back. Oh, fucking hell, he loves me back, and I should be embarrassed at being so deliriously happy about it, but I honestly don’t give a shit. “Maybe we should move this to a more private venue. Unless, of course, you don’t mind your housemates walking into their common room and seeing you riding my cock.” Now there’s an image worth wanking to.

“Point.” Scorp gets up off my lap and we head to his dorm. Not more private, exactly, but that’s what an Imperturbable Charm is for. I wonder if he makes noises.

Unfortunately, Scorp’s dorm mates are still awake. And apparently quite curious as to why we’ve just come through the door holding hands.

“What?” he snaps. “We’re boyfriends.” And whilst this isn’t they way I’d envisioned coming out, it’s not bad. Boyfriends. If you’re keeping score, an hour ago I was pining away for the boy of my dreams, and now he’s just declared that we’re boyfriends. Not bad at all, I’d say.

“Yep. Boyfriends.” I say it just because I can. Here, I’ll say it again: boyfriends. Boyfriends, boyfriends, boyfriends. Every girl from the fifth year up is going to die of heartbreak. Some of the boys too, I’d wager. “You can pick your jaws up off the floor.”

“And we’re going to do it,” Scorp sing-songs at our scandalised friends and makes a rude gesture involving his fist, and his tongue poking at the inside of his cheek. He’s met with four pairs of rolling eyes. “Jealous,” he adds before letting go my hand and flopping onto his bed. He closes and Imperturbs his bed curtains after I join him. I’m honestly still in a bit of shock at the whole situation. Wouldn’t you be? I’m hoping Scorp realises I’m going to come at least once before I get it in him. I’m amazed I haven’t already.

He pulls his robes off, and leans back against his headboard. Merlin, he’s gorgeous. “I should tell you, before you ‘fuck Scorp’, that I’m insanely in love with you.” Scorp grins as he says my words. “And it’s a love of epic Hufflepuffian proportions. You know, in case you had any doubts.”

“So you stole my underwear?”

“Somehow the prospect of asking for a pair of your shorts to wank over seemed a bit daunting.” Scorp adjusts the boxers so his cock is poking through the slit. When he starts stroking off, I come. I don’t think that’s how that’s supposed to work.

“Just came in my pants,” I say, laughing. “Thanks.” He asks me if I’m joking, so I pull my robes off and show him. He moves down the bed and licks me clean. I think I’m going to die before the night is over.

“Nice,” Scorp says. “Only ever tasted my own.” Well, he’s got me beat. I’ve never even done that.

“Do it now.” He looks at me, confused. “Come on them. I want to watch.”

Scorp grins his little maniacal grin and leans back against the headboard again. He reaches under his pillow for something and tosses it at me. It’s lube. Well. “I keep it there so I don’t have to break the charm on my curtains,” he explains. I nod. “You can put your fingers in me, if you want.”

Yes. Yes, I want. I look down at my fingernails to see if I need to trim them. Aside from the fact that I really am queer, I did manage to learn a bit of something else from my ex-girlfriend. Nails hurt. Mine in her, and hers when she scratched my arm to prove that point. But I don’t want to think about that. All I want to think about now is that I’m here in Scorp’s bed, and I’m going to finger-fuck him until he comes. I’m doing a little happy dance in my head.

Scorp pulls my- his- boxers off and opens his legs. Holy fucking hell, he’s hot. I do my little nail-trimming charm, pour some of the lube over my fingertips and reach between his legs. He’s cupped his balls in the hand not holding the shorts, and he’s massaging them. “Yeah,” he says when I spread the lube over his hole. “That’s it. Now push them in.”

Inside Scorp is all sorts of warm and tight, and I’m hard again thinking of sliding my cock in and out of him. He guides me a bit, telling me to curve my fingers up, and when I do like he says, he moans softly then smiles.

“Right there. Rub right there.”

“Feel good?” I know it must, the way he’s pulling his cock and sucking air through his teeth.

“More than good,” he says, and comes over my balled-up boxers. More than good doesn’t even begin to cover how I’m feeling at the moment, as I watch Scorp clean himself up with my former underwear. It takes me a second to remember I’ve still got my fingers up his bum.

“Can I?” I ask, sliding them out.

May,” he corrects. I smack him on the leg.

“Fine. May I? After watching that, I’m set to go again.” I wipe my fingers on the shorts and then pull my own down.

“Fuck yes,” Scorp says, sliding down the bed to rest his head on the pillows. “Go slow, okay?”

“Okay.” I rub some of Scorp’s lube over my cock and move between his legs. He slides down a bit more so his legs are resting on either side of my hips. “Ready?”

“Been ready.” I press the head of my cock against Scorp’s arsehole, and for a second, I don’t think it’s going to work. It’s so small, even after my fingers having been there. “All right?” Apparently, I’m taking too long. “You’re not having an existential crisis are you?”


“If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to.” Scorp props himself up on his elbows.

“More of a physics crisis.”

“Good. I was worried for a moment.” He scrunches his face. “Wait, what?”

“Is it even going to fit?” I realise how ridiculous this sounds after I say it. Scorp’s laughing.

“Will it fit? You’re too much. Yeah, Al, it’ll fit.” He rolls his eyes and flops back down. “Honestly.”

If he says so. I’m still not convinced, but I don’t want to fuck this up. I press forward again, and feel Scorp’s body open for me. “Yeah?”


I push in a little more, and I must have done something good, because Scorp’s making that little moany sound again. This is nice. Not like a girl at all, which I guess is sort of the point. It takes a few minutes before I’m all the way in, and both of us are breathing hard, despite the fact that we’ve hardly moved. If I die in my sleep tonight, it’ll be as a happy man.

I’m torn between watching my cock slide in and out or Scorp’s arse, and looking at his face. They’re both sexy. No, I’m not so arrogant as to think I’ve got a sexy dick, I mean watching Scorp stretch like that is sexy. But so is watching him bite his lip. Ah, well. No time to ponder the details. I’m coming like a fucking freight train.

“Stay here tonight,” Scorp says as I pull my cock out. His hole is still open, so I slip my fingers back in. “Merlin, that feels so good.”

“You’re telling me.” I can feel my come sliding out and over my fingers, so I use it as lube to fuck him hard on my hand. His dick’s getting hard again, and he starts pulling it. “Yeah, Scorp. Come on.” I spit in my free hand, and move his out of the way so I can bring him off.

“Fuck yes,” he breathes. “Fuck yes, fuck yes.” His eyes are shut tight and I can feel him clench around my fingers. “Almost there.” When he comes, he fists the bedsheet and bites down on his lip so hard I’m afraid he’ll draw blood.

“So it wasn’t terrible?” I have to know.

“No.” He’s panting. Panting! “It wasn’t terrible.” He passes me the shorts and I wipe both of us off. Using a cleaning charm would be too impersonal, and I don’t mind having his sweat and spunk on me. It’s proof that I’m not dreaming. What? It’s romantic.

“Good, because I thought it was rather brilliant.” I run my hands over his chest and stomach before leaning down to kiss him. “Better than anything, ever.”

“I really do love you,” he says, slipping under his duvet. “I wasn’t just saying that so you’d, you know.”

“Well, I hope so. I’d hate to think you were just an underpants-stealing freak.” I curl up behind him and wrap my arm around his waist. “So, now what?”

“Now, we go to sleep, you horny bastard.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” I kiss him on the back of his neck. His skin is salty, and I love it. “I mean-”

“I know what you meant, but I thought we’d gotten that worked out. Confessions of love, and all that? Ring any bells?”

“G’night, Scorp.” Boyfriends.

“G’night, tosser.”

Just before I drift off to sleep, I feel him squeeze my hand. Yep, boyfriends.

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