Scorpius had managed to hold on to his virginity for eighteen years, eleven hours, twelve minutes, and approximately forty-nine seconds. It was a new Malfoy record.

Late, after all the party guests had left and his parents had gone to bed, he sneaked down the hall and into the guest room where he knew Al would be waiting. He would be, as they had planned, sitting in a tub full of bubbles wearing nothing but his birthday suit. Which was fitting, of course, seeing how it was still Scorpís birthday, and Al was his present.

At first Scorp had balked at the idea of the bubbles, but Al had insisted. Not insisted, so much as bribed with two hours of topless kissing and promises of his first blowjob. Al could be very persuasive when he put his mind and tongue to it. Itíll be romantic, heíd said, between bites to Scorpís collarbone. Like in films.

Rommm, was all he managed to say before his words were captured by Alís sweet mouth.

Gods, but Alís mouth was amazing. He kissed like heíd die if he didnít. And if Al ever didnít kiss him like that, Scorpius would die. He would surely want to.

Al and Scorp had been friends since they were eleven, best friends since they were twelve, and not-lovers since sixteen. They were kissers. They were snoggers. They were touchers-through-clothing. And they were wankers-in-their-own-beds-but-not-mutually.

Doing anything more would be special. Special to Scorpius because heíd noticed that Slytherins had a rather nasty reputation for sleeping around, and he didnít want any part in that, even by association; he wanted real love. Special to Albus because it was to Scorpius, whom he had fancied beyond reason since he was fourteen. So, both had left school with their dignities firmly intact, much to the amazement of their friends.

They had spent the previous month doing diligent research, sprawled out on Scorpís large bed reading books carefully borrowed from the Malfoy library. They knew the gist of what they were planning to do; they werenít naÔve or sheltered, but there were charms and potions that would make it better. Once the two boys had decided upon Scorpiusí eighteenth birthday as the date of their long-awaited foray into manhood, these extra-curricular study periods were punctuated by hours-long quizzes on kissing, nipple biting, and ear nibbling in anticipation of the final exam.

The N.E.W.T.s of carnal bliss, as it were.

Tonight was it. Tomorrow they would be men, oh yes. But tonight they were Sexual Cartographers, mapping the peaks and valleys of the teenage male landscape (taking special care with the peninsulas, of course). Good-bye innocence, hello debauchery.

What they really were, were two silly, horny young men venting several collective years of pent-up tension and making a mess of the en suite.

Stand up then, Scorp said, walking into the room, still dressed in dinner robes. When Al stood, naked, dripping, and covered in blue bubbles, Scorpius wanted to owl the Potters and thank them for making such a fucking beautiful boy. But that would have been weird, so he settled instead for yanking his robes off and fairly leaping into the bath to stand in front of Al.

I want to touch you, Albus breathed against Scorpís neck.

Touch me.

I donít know where to start. Thereíre so many parts of you I love, I donít know where to touch first.

Anywhere, Scorpius answered. Anywhere you want. Iím all for you.

Here? Al ran his soapy finger along a high cheekbone. Here? He drew a wet line down Scorpiusí neck. Scorpiusí eyes fluttered shut and he felt the warmth of arousal settle near the pit of his stomach.

Mmm, yes, he sighed as Albus circled then pinched a nipple. There. Everywhere. Alís roving hand found its way down his belly and stopped short at the line of fine, pale hair leading down from Scorpís navel. No hands but his own had ever dared venture where Alís now went. He had to steady himself with a hand on Alís shoulder to keep himself from falling forward into the touch.

May I? Al didnít wait for an answer before going to his knees in the water to take Scorpius into his mouth.

Not that, not yet. He dipped down to be face-to-face with Al. I want you to, but not straight away.

New sensitive places where discovered and noted. Endearments were whispered. Fingers were interlaced and flesh was lovingly bruised.

Scorpius was perched on the edge of the tub, stroking Alís hair as his wonderful, wonderful mouth did sinful things to Scorpiusí cock. Been practising, then, he teased.

Al said something that could have been bananas, and the vibrations sent chills up Scorp's spine. He braced himself on the white porcelain rim as Al nudged his legs apart. Going to try the thing, you know, with my finger.




Me too. Al reached for the vial of the water-proof lubricating potion theyíd secretly brewed in the cellar at Grimmauld Place and poured some onto his fingertips. If you donít like it, weíll do something else. Anything you want since itís your birthday. It would be better if you were down here, though. You might fall off.

Scorpius slid back into the bath and rested against the far wall of the tub. Youíll drown, he said, the logistics of the situation sinking into his lust-addled brain. Albus laughed. But you could do the thing anyway, when youíre kissing me. Itíll be good, I think.

Yeah, Al said, and Scorpius grinned. Good idea. He rubbed is index finger and thumb together to warm the potion and plunged his hand under the water and between Scorpiusí spread legs. When he found the small pucker under Scorpís balls, he pressed slowly in. You all right? Should I stop?

No, no. Itís just different, you doing it. Scorp had been practising on himself almost every day for a fortnight. Feels nice. Can you go in further? When Al pushed his finger further inside and curled it up a bit like theyíd read about, he was rewarded with a sigh. Thatís it there, yeah. That feels so good, Al. Not so hard, though. I donít want to come yet.

Sorry, Al said, embarrassed. He slowed his movements and leant forward to kiss Scorpius.

Mmm, donít be. Iím just trying to hold on as long as I can.

I want to see you come like this, Al said between kisses. Please? Scorpius moaned his acquiescence, and Albus steadily sped back up. Scorp gripped Alís arms harder, losing himself in the pleasure of being kissed and fingered. Al was lost too, capturing each of Scorpiusí moans with his mouth.

More. Gods, Al, more.




Fuck, yes. Do it with two. Mmm, yes, so good. Scorpius spread his legs as wide as he could and still keep his balance, hooking one over the side of the tub. He had one white-knuckled hand on Alís shoulder and the other gripping the ledge.

Al withdrew his finger long enough to coat his hand with more lubricant, then slipped two digits back in. Good?


When Albus was kissing him like that, with his fingers moving inside of him, Scorp thought heíd found Nirvana. It was the most amazing feeling heíd ever felt, and he would gladly trade a kidney or half his liver for it to never end. His cock was hard and untouched, but he didnít care. His cock didnít matter now. It was all about Alís tongue and Alís fingers, and Alís-

Iím going to come, he tried to say, but couldnít. His words were swallowed whole.

As they lay on Scorpiusí bed contemplating Round Two for Scorp and Round One for Al, an observation was made. They were still technically virgins. I donít think that counted, Al said, nuzzling Scorpís neck.

No, but it was a good start. He smiled and reached to touch Alís cock. And we have the rest of the night.

Scorpius, being a meticulous planner, had made a list of things he wanted to do on their de-flowering night. Al had laughed at de-flowering, like Scorpius had laughed at his bubbles, so he erased it. In its place heíd written ĎHow Albus and Scorpius Became Mení, and Al had laughed at that too. Al had suggested ĎHow Albus Finally Fucked Scorpius Stupidí, and had stolen the parchment away to change it.

What did it feel like? Albus was propped up on his elbow, tracing patterns on Scorpiusí chest.

Amazing, Scorp sighed. I canít explain it. It was like a really good wank, but better, you know?

Do it to me. He Accioed the vial from the en suite and handed it off to Scorpius.

All right, Scorp said, and slid down the bed. Relax. You have to be relaxed. Scorpius poured the oil over his fingertips as Al had done before, and pushed a finger inside. Relax, he said again as Alís muscles clenched.


Told you.

Thatís- thatís- wow.

Scorpius leant in and took the head of Alís cock in his mouth. Unlike Albus, however, he hadnít had the foresight to practise on fruit, so he accidentally scraped Alís foreskin lightly with his teeth. I donít think I can do this, he said, looking at Al and biting his lip. I donít want to mess it up.

ĎS all right, Scorp. Come here. Scorpius withdrew his finger and crawled back up the bed. What else is on that list of yours?

Er, well, I sort of wanted to try, you know, the er, the other thing. You know, the youinsidemething. Um.

Al swallowed hard, and Scorpius licked his Adamís apple. We could, um, do that. Yeah, I want to try that too. I really do. I really, really do.

Iíve been thinking about it all day, Scorpius said, biting Alís earlobe. His hand was making its way back down to grip Alís cock, and his bravery was returning. If Al wasnít embarrassed, Scorp wouldnít be either. Iíve been hard all day, too. Just thinking about it now makes me want to come again.

Fuck, Scorp. I want you so bad. He sat up and ran his hands down Scorpiusí body. I love you so much, he said.

The first time Al had told Scorpius he loved him had been an accident, of that Scorp was certain. Not an accident as in he hadnít meant to say it, because he did. He just hadnít intended for Scorpius to have heard it. Al still didnít know he had, two years later.

It had been the week before school started back up for their sixth year, and Scorpius had slept over at Grimmauld. He and Al had shared Alís bed as they had every time Scorpius spent the night since they were twelve, and Scorp had woken in the night to find Al gone. Heíd silenced his feet and crept down the hall to see if he could find him. Scorpius was expecting Albus to have sneaked into the kitchen for a midnight snack, and so had been shocked to hear him sobbing and Harry comforting him.

Hey, now, itís okay, Harry had said gently. Itís normal. Thereís nothing wrong with you.

Al sniffled. But Dad, heís a boy!

You can love boys, Albus. Your mum and I wonít love you any less for it. You arenít a bad son, or a bad person. Donít let anyone tell you otherwise. Now, itís late and you should be getting back to bed.

After Scorpius heard Al tell his father goodnight, he carefully made his way back to the bed and pretended to be asleep. After a few moments, he heard the toilet flush and water running in the sink, then Al came into the bedroom. I love you, Scorpius Malfoy, and my dad says itís okay, Al whispered into the darkness before climbing back into the bed.

Two weeks after that, in the sixth-year Slytherin boysí dorm, Scorpius had kissed him. Theyíd been together ever since.

Scorpius lay on his bed, his legs spread wide, and Albus was slowly massaging his prostate with two fingers. Yes, he moaned, holding his thighs apart. Yeah, Al, yeah. Thatís it, right there, oh!


Just a few more seconds, Scorp moaned again, digging his fingertips into the flesh of his legs. I mean, yes, Iím ready; I just want you to do this awhile longer.

Donít you dare come again, Al chuckled. Iím getting off at least once tonight, whether itís your birthday or not.

Fine, fine. Stick it in, then.

Stick it in, eh? Youíre such a romantic.

Stick it the fuck in, wanker. Scorpius laughed and Al shook his head and grinned. Stick your cock up my arse, Albus, he teased. I need it so bad!

Youíre an idiot.

Come on, baby! Do me so hard! Put it in me so deep I feel it on my tonsils!

Shut up! Gods, shut up! Youíre killing me! Al still had his fingers in Scorpís bum, but he was laughing too hard to do anything useful with them, so he pulled them out.

Iím going to ride your broomstick, Scorpius cackled. Yeah, baby, fuck me. Fuck me so hard!

Enough! I canít stand it! Al was doubled over and shaking.

Give it to me! Give me your big, hard dick, Albus Potter. Scorpius was still grinning like a madman, but heíd started fingering himself.

Youíve gone mental, Al said, catching his breath. Youíve gone completely round the twist.

Mental for your cock, baaybeee, Scorpius tried to purr. Albus snorted. Come on, do me. Pound me, fuck me, claim me, ravish me, core me the fuck out.

If you donít shut up, Iíll gag you.

Gag me with your cock.

Scorp, seriously! I canít do anything if I canít stop laughing! Al grabbed hold of Scorpiusí ankles and held his legs up and apart. Core you the fuck out, huh? Someoneís been at the porn.

I love you?

Yeah, yeah, Dirty Boy.

Come on, Al. Please?

Al let go of Scorpís ankles and poured more lube into his palm. He coated his cock and positioned himself at Scorpís entrance. Going in slow, okay? You tell me if itís too much. He pressed in slowly and Scorpius moaned. Too much?

No. Keep going. All the way in.

Glad I wanked twice today. Iíd have lost it already if I hadnít. Youíre so fucking tight. You feel so good on my cock.

Now whoís been at the porn?

Al withdrew part way and pushed back in. Gods, but youíre hot in there. Do you like it? Does it feel good?

Yeah, Scorpius breathed. Yeah. Deeper, Al. Mmm, yes, like that.


Not yet. I like it like this. Itís nice.


Yeah, like, amazing. Fucking amazing. I want to feel you come inside me.

Al leant down to kiss Scorpius, pushing himself in as deep as he could go. Scorpius wrapped his legs around Alís waist and held them there. He clenched his muscles every time Al made to pull back. I have to come. Fuck, I donít want to yet, but Iím going to.


Fuck, Scorp. Fuck. You feel so fucking good. He thrust in twice more before filling Scorpius with his orgasm. Sorry. Iím so sorry.

For what?

You didnít- shit, youíre not even hard. Al pulled his softened cock from Scorpiusí body and rested back on his heels.

So? I liked it. Forget my dick for a second and come here. Al did as he was told and moved up to rest his head on Scorpís chest. Scorpius stroked his hair. Oooh, he said suddenly, pulling a face.


It, er, came out. And it feels weird.

Al couldnít help it. He started laughing. Tears started to roll down his cheeks. Thatís disgusting.

Itís your spunk. How disgusting can it be? But Scorpius was laughing too. Where the hell is my wand?

Here, Iíll get it. Al reached for his own wand on the bedside table and cleaned himself, Scorpius, and the bed before replacing it. So, do you feel like youíre not a virgin anymore?

Yeah. Definitely. I feel like I- well, perhaps thatís better left unsaid. Scorp chuckled and pulled the blankets over himself and Al. Do you feel any different?

I feel like Iíve had my dick up your arse.


I feel like, well, like Iím yours. And if you laugh, I swear Iíll never speak to you again. Al put his arm around Scorpiusí waist and pulled him close.

You are mine, you shit. Always have been.


- END -

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