If you were to ask Scorpius Malfoy what his favourite subject in school was, he’d say, “Potions,” without ever blinking an eye. You’d be tempted to say, “Like father, like son then,” but you’d take one look at him and think better of it.

If you were to ask him what his favourite colour was, he’d answer, “Green,” and you’d be tempted to respond with a comment about Slytherin, but you’d hold your tongue.

If you wanted to know where he liked spend his carefree summer days, he’d tell you, “London,” and you’d almost wonder what a boy from the countryside would love about a smoggy, congested city.

Unless you really knew him.

If you really knew Scorpius Malfoy, you’d know that he likes Potions best because that’s the only class he has with Al this term. You would know that he likes green, not out of house pride, but because Al’s eyes are green like emeralds, but they sparkle more. You’d know that he likes London because that’s where Al lives, and being alone with Al in a sooty metropolis is better than being alone with his parents in a stuffy mansion full of things too priceless to touch.

- END -

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