When Scorpius Malfoy was sixteen years old, he came to the realisation that he rather fancied his best mate. It happened during one of those odd moments of extreme mental clarity that one often has whilst in the shower, and the sheer sudden frankness if it caused him to drop the shampoo bottle on his left big toe.

“Shit,” he muttered, standing on one foot and rubbing the other one with a sudsy hand. “That hurt.”

In the shower before Al’s birthday party, Scorpius hatched a brilliant plan to bring his friend round to his way of thinking. He would simply start a game of Spin the Bottle, and when the bottle (carefully charmed, of course) landed on Al, he would deliver unto the boy a kiss so mindbendingly hot that he would be a fool to ever deny further, more mindbendingly hot kisses in the future.

Fourteen spins from six girls and eight boys all landed on Al, and Scorpius wondered whether or not he could trust his inner voices. Surely, the Gods of Expensive Toiletries could have warned him to be more careful with his bottle-charming. What else did they have to do, really?

When the bottle was spun for the fifteenth time, this time by Scorpius, it landed on Juniper Harrigan. “Right,” he said, and leant in to peck the girl quickly on the lips. “Now you go, Al.”

The Gods were surely not smiling upon Scorpius this day, because when the bottle had stopped spinning, Al found himself having to kiss... himself.

“How does that work, then?” Al looked about the circle, hoping someone knew the more obscure rules of teenage party games.

Penny Chesterfield grinned hopefully. “You should pick someone you want to kiss.”

“I say you should spin again,” said Jacob Turner, who was grinning even more hopefully than Penny. Scorpius made a mental note to use the Trip Jinx on him at school when he was weighed down by books and parchment.

“I like Penny’s idea,” Al said, once again glancing at all of his friends. “It’s my birthday, and I should get to choose. And since poor Scorp’s the only one who hasn’t gotten to kiss me yet, I choose him.” Penny and Jacob looked like they would cry. Scorpius mentally changed ‘Trip Jinx’ to ‘Levicorpus’ and smirked at them both.

“Er, okay” he stuttered. His palms had gone sweaty, and he was sure he was blushing neon pink by the time Al had crawled across the circle towards him.

Al leant in, still on all fours from the crawl, and pressed his lips to Scorpius’. Scorpius had expected that to be that, so when he felt Al’s tongue trace over his lower lip, he gasped in surprise. Al, not one to waste such a cliché moment, took the opportunity to slip Scorp a little tongue. When Scorpius finished his silent prayers, he had the decency to return the favour.

A full thirty-seven seconds later (Juniper was counting aloud, bless her), the boys pulled apart, and Scorpius was pleased to note that Al was grinning. “I have shower epiphanies too,” he said, before crawling back to his place in the circle.


[A/N: I reckon Al knew about the shower epiphanies because he has some of his own. He would realise that Scorp had charmed the bottle since a)he was the one that suggested the game, and b)the bottle kept landing on Al. Actually, I'm talking out my arse here. I have no idea how Al would know. :P]

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